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Civil Investments, Inc. 

Civil Investments, Inc. (CII) aims to facilitate infrastructure investments, primarily in water-related, and selected energy ventures. We are in the process of identifying projects that manage water and other resources well, and that deliver consistent cash flow to investors Candidates are small hydropower, wastewater treatment, irrigation systems, etc. Financing arrangements could include private ownership and public-private partnerships. We are currently seeking projects in the U.S., Latin America, and a select group of other nations. Our team brings decades of combined experience in domestic and international investment banking, water regulation and environmental law, water resources and environmental engineering, and project oversight.



Beyond domestic consumption, water is essential for food production, electricity generation, and a multitude of other uses.
We are in the process of identifying projects that manage water well, and deliver consistent cash flow to investors. Candidates are small hydropower, wastewater treatment, agricultural irrigation systems, etc. We will bring smart investment to the intersection of ever increasing demand and limited supply.

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